Our first EP!

Die Antwoord Cover!

BEATnappin’ - Young&Beautiful (Lana Del Rey Cover) (от namesteprod)

Here you can download our new track Mary’s Problem.

Watch video:

This is mixtape with our live remixes on some hot tracks.

BEATnappin’ - Mary’s Problem

Our new work, we tried to make some stuff like Lana Del Rey does. So this is realy new genre for us.

(Source: youtube.com)

Fight was terminated by early knockout in the eighth Round. Thanks everyone who supported our project. Maybe soon will invite you to a live BEATnappin’ performance. 

Bondage Fairies - Aeppeltysken (BEATnappin’ Remix) The 7th Round. New sound.

(Source: youtube.com)

The sixth Round. Low beat and scary story.

Brodsky - What About To Rest In The Morning (BEATnappin’ Live Remix)